Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

OMEGA PV Solar Panel Cleaning Robot system: -

OMEGA Robot has many advantages, as they are Lightweight, fully automatic, manual free, waterless, cost effective, Robotic Cleaning, the specifications as below:

  • Main Structure made from Aluminum profiles to reduce the weight of the robot.
  • Solar power system: self-charging-comes with a solar power system, convenient and efficient.
  • Efficient cleaning: Dry Cleaning (Water-less) Cleaning using special brush, soft, Non-abrasive.
  • Drive by high torque DC motors.
  • Fully Automatic operation on PV frame or on special rails fitted on both side of the PV panels.
  • Automatic start and stop: automatic return.
  • Scheduled cleaning is possible
  • Cleaning speed of the Robot: 8- 20 Meters/Minute (As Per Site Dust Condition).
  • Danger avoidance: automatic edge sensing technology to prevent the robot from sliding down.
  • Intelligent control system using PLC.
  • Emergency stop button.