PV mounting structure

As a developer and manufacturer of production lines, steel structure and mounting systems, we create a solid base of knowledge. Our engineering, supply chain and quality management teams work together to insure you receive high quality, well-engineered and reliable products that are designed for your needs with the best delivery time.

OMEGA is a professional manufacturer of machines and production lines which gave us the best experience to be a professional solar mounting systems manufacturer, OMEGA offers a variety of mountings for photovoltaic modules. Our systems combine best area usage, short mounting time, and good durability, all at feasible prices. We offer warranty of 5 years on all our mounting systems.

Our racking systems for on-roof, in-roof, flat-roof and ground-mount are state of the art for simplicity, flexibility, reliability and ease of configuration and installation for more than 10 years. Our racking systems provide the optimal solution for residential, commercial and utility scale solar installations.

All systems are produced exclusively in our workshop at Al-Juwaidah, we have more than 1500 square meter closed area workshop.

We design the systems in our own design department with cooperation with sales team to know market needs, and adapt and optimize them to compute with local and outside markets. Here we benefit from years of experience, personal client relationships, and knowledge of the different international specifications.

We provide all varies types for PV mounting structures :

  • Car Parks
  • Canopies
  • Roof Tops
  • On Hangers
  • On Ground
  • On Tiles