Our Solution


What can omega do in solar:

  1. Supply the highest stander in PV mounting structure.
  2. Full design for PV station Mechanical & electrical design
  3. Full support for installation according to standers
  4. Structure solution for limited area
  5. Develop PV plant and give solution in design


Have the ability to supply and manufacturing a several production lines and a numerous
machines, such as:

  1. Complete Rockwool production line using two technology:
    • Rockwool production lines using (Cupola Furnace).
    • Rockwool production lines using (Tank Furnace).
  2. Complete Perlite Production Line.
  3. Complete Lead Acid Batteries Recycling Plant.
  4. Blended NPK Fertilizer Production Lines.
  5. Silica production line.
  6. Agricultural Machinery, grain dryers, animal feed mills and mixers.
  7. Storage tanks, Ducting, pipe networks and insulation works.
  8. Material handling systems in general (bucket elevators, screw conveyers, belt conveyers, etc.
  9. Separate processing machinery mixers, mills, shredder, etc
  10. Hot-Rolled Steel
  11. Building Pre-Engineered Steel buildings.
  12. Automated Batch Plants.
  13. Miscellaneous work such as Ladders and handrail etc…

In all our designs and manufacturing we try to adopt latest international standards that applied such as ISO, BSI, DIN, etc.

Omega takes the responsibility to train the customers appointed production staff .Training takes place on site and covers the operation and maintenance procedures.