OMEGA Engineering Industries (OEI) is an innovation of industrial & Solar Engineering solutions established in Jordan in 2006 with a cultural focus in provides best in class products and services to clients in the Middle East and North Africa.

Not all technologies are created equal, OMEGA choose the best of the quality and technology to provide our client

Our philosophy is to deliver excellence to our clients in a cost-effective and timely manner, by using intimate knowledge of the regional market to provide superior technology and engineering.

Our Products
  • PV Mounting Structure
    As a developer and manufacturer of production lines, steel structure and mounting systems, we create a solid base of knowledge. Our engineering, supply chain and quality management teams work together to insure you receive high quality, well-engine
  • Rock Wool Production Lines
    Rock wool is a mineral non-organic fibrous material of excellent and distinguished properties and characteristics. It is efficiently utilized in all fields of thermo-acoustic insulation; furthermore it is used in many industries and agricultural a
  • Lead Recycling Plant
    In another step of progress we started to serve the environmental and recycling industries by producing recycling plants for useful wastes and expired products such as the Auto mobile Batteries which can be reproduced to get more than 60% of its wei